Thursday, 13 September 2012

Jenny Craig Blogger comp

Wow, i just stumbled across this and its in fantastic time, as im trying to exercise allot more, and this bike would really really help out!

Jenny Craig is asking bloggers, to email in a question to the weight management team of her new website and 1 lucky winner (hope its me) will win a bike worth a big £400. There will also be too runners up prize's! check out here!

My question is - Being a big fan of carbs ie bread and pasta is there ever a good time in the day to eat them to burn them off quicker. Also is there any fruit which will help speed up the process? 
Also my body is very much out of proportion how can i get my bottom half smaller?

What is Jenny Craig ?

Jenny Craig, is one of the largest weight-management service companies in the world, with company-owned and franchised Operations in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Puerto Rico. Jenny Craig offers a unique, comprehensive programme that teaches you how to eat the foods you want to; develop healthy, enjoyable eating habits; raise your energy level through a personalised fitness programme; and build more balance into your life for optimal weight loss success and well-being.

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