Thursday, 6 September 2012

Boohoo Challenge‏

Iv been asked buy Fashion to put together a outfit for £50 , too celebrate making it into their  Top 10 Fashion Money Saving Websites list.

Sadly for me do not offer us plus size ladies clothing. So my challenge for the entry will be my dream outfit :P

Id love for you to tell me what items you would buy totally £50 without using any promo codes!

I chose the Jumpsuit because i love the design and how easy they are to wear, they suit any shape and any size and the colours are bright, you also have the option of adding a belt to add more shape. The Cost was only £10 which is a total bargain!
The Blazer was added because it would add some shape and some warmth into the outfit and would mean you can wear the outfit in the evening or on a cold day. The blazer also adds in a splash of colour. I have picked the Pink Blazer because i feel it will look amazing with the jump suit. Price is a fantastic £25.
Adding a Black Bag to the outfit also means the outfit is so versatile , comes in 3 colours and a draw dropping £5.
Totally in love with the Butterfly sandals, they are very feminine and will look great on any ones toes! The colour also ties in with the total look i wish to create. £4
Finish of the look with a bit of sparkle on a evening out or even a date with the glitter nail varnish, will finish off any look and add a bit of bling. £4

Wow i can get all this and have £2 left over!

check out now!

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