Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Skylanders Review.

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure is the most wanted must have item wanted by all boys and girls of all ages.
Those of you who currently live in the dark ages and have no idea as to what and who a Skylander is i will tell you.
A Skylander is a special figure/toy that comes to life when placed on a portal and downloads dater onto your computer/games console. Each Skylander has a unique power and different ability's. The Skylanders are also able to remember if they have powered up or upgraded.

How do i play Skylanders - Well in order to play Skylanders you need to have a system that's compatible with the Skylanders game, check out the link to make sure you have the correct system. ( http://www.skylanders.com/sky/game-features)
As well as your system you will be required to buy a starter pack for your Skylander. My son has a 3ds so i bought him the Skylander 3ds starter pack -  This comes with a Portal, Usb cable, 3 Skylanders and the Skylanders game.
So how do i play the game -  To enable the game to work with the toys, the base of each toy contains an RFID chip  which allows the toy to communicate wireless with the portal .There is over 30 Skylanders to collect, there is also other objects such as hats and ships which you can collect. The more rare Skylanders are in multi - packs.

My Son currently owns 12 Skylanders, in which he play's with daily and not always with the 3ds. 2 of the Skylanders have lost body parts ie head and arms, however they are still able to work with the game.

I also bought my son the Skylanders Official guide which is a manual which the starter pack lacked. There was no instructions when i bought the original starter pack, so it meant that my son just had to play the game and learn as he went along - which he seemed happy to do, although there was times when he became stressed.

Inside the book it tells you what powers the Skylanders have, and how the level ups will help the Skylander gives him more powers. (big help when choosing a new Skylander, due to the fact that the kids have no idea what the Skylander can do)

Skylanders keeps my son entertained for hours on end, and the game seems pretty easy that anyone of any age can play it. It does not require a lot of thinking. Its a easy bright colorful game. The only downside is like most games there is a lot of fighting within the game, its not a light and fluffy sonic the head hog - collect the hoops type of game.

However my son knows its a game and fighting is not a option. He is also able to use his imagination and he even thinks that Skylanders come alive at night, along with all his toys - like toy story!
This game is fun, however can become very costly, due to the amount a Skylander and packs cost. - However you do not need all Skylanders to complete the game. You just need 1 from each element.
Skylanders always bring out new characters.

 Skylanders the giants coming out in October, which again will make a dent in the budget.- click here to find out more.

You can buy Skylanders from most store's such as Toys R Us, Tesco, Pc World, Game

Price's depends on store.

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  1. Great post!
    We are a little Skylander mad in this household and get our new additions from www.skylandersfigures.co.uk as I find it easier to chose online with the family on my side and they also seem a little cheaper this way.


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