Thursday, 23 August 2012

Global United Plus Size Day

A friend of Mine Anita Bellamany a Model and Buissness women. Is setting up a WORLDWIDE EVENT!
Everyone from all over the world is able to take part, and make a stand. Show that no matter what size, shape or weight you are, you are PROUD of who you are. Get OUT of the CLOSET and make a Stand!
Be Bold, Be Strong, Be Beautiful

If you live in the Uk and live in London or can Travel to London, then there is a amazing event opitunity in which you can take part in and meet other Plus Size Men and Women!

Whats going to happen - Well i cant give to much away, but you will all meet in a secret location, and will flaunt your stuff , show that size really does not matter and that you want to stand up and make people take notice for the right reason's!
What do i wear - You were what ever makes you feel happy and confident, you dress and style yourself as you would normally, dig out your favorite black skirt and heals, slap on the make up, tong your hair, because now is your chance to shine!

Will this event be filmed or in the public - We hope so! This event is meant to cause a media frenzy and get people talking!

For more Info on this please join the facebook group by clicking here

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