Friday, 24 August 2012

Disney's Film Brave.

Disney's Brave is now out in cinema's all around the Uk. I dont know much about this movie, and Leo (My 6yr old) headed to the cinema Monday, as i get 241 on Mondays to watch a film. There was very little on at our local Empire Cinema's , so we choose to watch the new film Brave, as was due to start in 15mins.

Having only seen the advert on tv, i thought that this movie didn't look to bad, however once i had watched it, i felt that the film was lacking something. My son very much enjoyed it. The colour was good and the animations. It just felt as if it was lacking something. Like all Disney films, this film had Romance, Friendship, Magic and Evil. However like all Disney Princess's Brave was able to look past the Evil and only see good, She was able to learn from her mistakes and put it right.

If your looking for a light hearted, okish film then Brave is for you.

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