Monday, 30 July 2012

Revlon photoready

I am very lucky as Revlon sent me a full size of there new photo ready primer.
I am not new to primers, i normally use Body shops primer, which is like a gel and smooths out my skin, so thought this would be something new to try, as it is tinted like a foundation.

without make up
For those of you who do not know what a primer is, its basically a base coat. You apply to your skin before foundation or powder to fill in the cracks, smooth out your complexion. While using a primer, you reduce the amount of product you use (as it dose not sink into your skin) also you get a even smooth coverage. You also get true colour to the product.

I wanted to test this product and show you the results so i started by taking a image of me without make up on (see below). As you can see my skin is fine and just has a few red blemish's on the cheeks.

I slowly un did the wrapping of the sleek light weight bottle, and pumped the pump 3 times before the primer came out. The primer was light, and true to the colour on the bottle. It was odourless unlike some of the other make up products i have used. I applied to half my face, as i wanted to show you the look with and without foundation. Applying it was very easy and spread well, leaving my face feeling soft.

primer on right side.

After i applied to the right side of my face it didnt look or feel any diffrence.

I then applied my normal foundation to both sides of my face to show you what the diffrence is from using primer to not using primer.

with make up, right side is primer

After doing it this way, i noticed that the primer dosnt really do to much. I feel it hides my blemish's and adds a natrual shine, where as the other side dosnt seem to. It also isnt sticky like my foundation feels with out the primer.

I do not feel this is the best primer out there. However it may work better for people who skin isnt like mine, and people who have alot worse skin than i do.

This product retails for £11.99 in boots however they have it on offer for £8.99 at the moment.

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  1. i been wanting to try this! =)


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