Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Make up tested on animals?

I have seen a few blogs about this, so thought i would post my view on things.

Most cosmetic and beauty products normally get tested on animals, because there isn't enough people willing to try the products before they are ready, or needing to be developed allot more. So company's tend to use animals (my guess is because they cant sue them, and there also allot more animals to test on than willing humans).

Although allot of people see this as a large problem, and i tend to by most of my beauty products from the Body Shop , which never test on animals. I don't have to much of a problem of animals testing out the product, all though the thought of it makes me cringe i think this maybe because i can not stand the thought of some lab putting some kind of acid on my face or body, or even into my eye, and it causing me damage.
I am guessing if you were a product tester for company's in the making of the products you would get a good pay out and have to sign away all rights to your face and body parts being ruined. However is it really enough pay to put yourself thew that and the pain.

I maybe a chicken but I'm sure there is not  many people out there who would want to be in the animals position. If you would be willing to be experimented on, then how come your not offering yourself right now?

I was reading a EpiphannieA's blog about if she should leave Mac make up well alone now because they have come of the PETA list, as well as Revlon. This is a tricky one because she is dark skinned it can be so hard to find make up which will suit her skin tone.
Personally i have never been a Mac fan, i have found that the products are highly rated with a cheapish price tag. Yet there made poorly as some of the other products out there.
Personally i feel that if http://epiphanniea.blogspot.co.uk/Epiphannie is happy with the product and coverage, she should not let the fact that the product is tested on animals effect this, unless she can get access to a brand local to her which can offer the same value and coverage she gets with mac.

Id love to know your thoughts on animal testing and the brands that use animals to test the products on.

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