Thursday, 28 June 2012

Matalan Pillow Drama.

After my fantastic time in Matalan the other week, i headed back there, to lap up the Plus size clothing.

I had lots of fun in the changing room trying things on.

I ended up buying a new top which was only £5 and a pair of trousers in case i get a job interview for £10.

However this is not where the drama, started, because i can not fault the plus size clothing in matalan at this time, as its true to size, in fashion and not those who wish to feel like a old women!!!!

I headed to the till, after i looked around the store, and picked up the 2 plus size clothing, (i will feature on another blog) , Some trousers for my 6yr old little boy (will also do a feature on these), some flip flops (feature to come) a soap dish (will also feature later)... but 2 silent night pillows... Now this is where the problem starts....

The pillows had a nice red juicy sticker on them saying they were £15.99 down to 6.99... bargain.. as i have been after some new pillows for ages!

So i was happy heading for the tills, when i found i had forgot my matalan card! (this card seems a bit pointless to me, as only mail i ever get from matalan is a brochure.. which doesn’t display plus size's anyway! so what good is it too me?)

Anyway, i had to get a day card... whatever that is..

Anyway i head to the till, as i get there in font of me behind the till (anyone who has been in there they have things behind the till (so kind of like cigarettes in a newsagents but other products) which happened to be pillows... the same pillows i had and wanting to buy... but wait........ the little red stickers on them, showed 5.99, not 6.99 that my juicy pillows had!

I questioned the lady behind the till about it, and right away she called over the manager.. who then told me that the 5.99 pillows were not for sale and the pillows were in fact 6.99. I then said, but why do you have them on display then, if there not for sale, and if i hadn’t got the pillows now, and wanted to buy them and the women behind the desk gave me the 5.99 ones i would be paying 5.99, unless they had the wrong stickers on and i paid £1, which in that case would be false advertising...

The manager then went on again, about how they were bought in off the shop floor, as pricing was incorrect and they were 6.99, but oh no.. I am not going to back down! Some may say that it was only £1, but that whole £1 could feed my son and i Jacket Potato for a whole week! , Or even buy a bag of carrots or apples!

I continued to have it out with the manager, who then kindly took, £1 of my pillows. He then quickly started to remove all the 5.99 pillows (there was about 20 or more of them which i counted him removing.. and that was just on the first 2 rows)

This then got me thinking.. What other products are priced in correct, and prices put up... This manager was then going to go out back, remove the 5.99 stickers and replace them with 6.99 ones! Crazy!!!!

My question to Matalan is, is this really acceptable, that you display products with one price, and another somewhere else. Then try and make a crapy answer to stop the customer saving money, surly the manager should of just reduced the original 6.99 pillow down by £1 without all the crap.... End of the day, if the pillows weren’t meant to be sold for the 5.99 price, why have them on display!

Yes i probably embarrassed the manager, which was not my intention.. and yes i did hold up the line because of it!

Why should the customer be made to feel guilty when there the ones who are spending the money in store?

I spent £46 in your store today, but i feel as though the manager was trying to play me for a fool, took nearly 15mins to get £1 off the pillows!

Very disappointed! 

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  1. That is very naughty of them, and you were well within your rights to do what you did. Definately false advertising! If they had an issue like that the product should of gone straight back into the stores area for the problem to be resolved. Can't wait to hear your review on their plus size gear, as the last time I got something 'plus' size from them it made me feel 2 sizes bigger than I was. x Ellie x


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