Saturday, 16 June 2012

Matalan - Angel Sleeve Gypsy top

Matalan Angel Sleeve Gypsy Top, lovely bright colours, lovely butterfly patten, great angel sleeves. £14

Don't ask what i was doing in this pic, its the only one of me in it i could find.. I attended a friends party, and it was a long journey there, so i wore this there as its so comfy, light.. and when your rushing around and over crowded on train;s this is just what you need! This picture was taken the morning after the party, so as you can see I'm make-upless and feeling worse for were!

Anyway more about this top - So normally when i have been in matalan, i have hated all things plus size they have, due to the lack of colour, style and fit! But oh my way i shocked and in my element when i went in there the other week!

They have so many bang on trend items, not only that are in, but incredible prices! They have Maxi dress's for £16 yes £16 bargain are us!

If your a big Lady like me, you know just how much these so called company's want you to pay! sometimes £50+ but oh no not matalan!

I got talking to another big lady who was shopping and she too was in her element, trying on the clothes, we both ended up spending at least £40 each on items!!!

Head down or order online!!

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