Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Next Official Paralympics GB Scarf

Official Paralympics GB Scarf  

I got home after picking my son up from school to find a lovely package waiting for me under the mat, i had no idea what it was, as it was packed in a lovely white box shape envelope. As i opened the packet, i found, a smalled white box with gold writing on it saying "NEXT", Which is when i new i was luckily enough for next to send me a little treat.

The Box is self is very stylish, and came packed with a white ribbon wrapped around it which you needed to untie, but the package excited me to much, i couldn't wait to open it, so for got to take a image.

Once i opened the box, there was some white tissue paper with a gold round sticker, which also added to the stylish packaging, which made the whole item feel glamours. There was a Blue book with Gold Writing on with saying " Next A Celebration Of Great Britain 2012".

Inside, it starts with telling you the Next
Team behind all the PR, National Fashion and Lifestyle. It also goes on to tell you that they are the Official clothing and home ware supplier, which involves outfitting the British Athletes of Team GB and Paralympics GB, in elegant formalwearfor the ceremonies as well as designing the uniforms for 4,500 technical officials and suits for hard working designers. They will also be supplying the bed linen for the participants to snuggle into bed with in the Athlete's Village.

The book also provides you with all other its that are in the stylish, Red, Blue and white. Not just inside and out, for men and women as well as children, bedroom,kitchen. Geri Halliwell helped next take the inspiration of the Famous Union Jack ( From her spice girl look in 1990's)and print it on Maxi dress's and bikini bottoms. All items are EXCLUSIVE to next.

There are two scafts to choose from, both have been hand painted, prices from £5 up

I wouldnt of gone out to buy this,because im not a huge fan of the design and im not a huge fan of team GB, Im not really into sport,  however it is something that i feel everyone should have, to support the Paralympics, All profits from the sale, will be donated to British Athletes.

I feel we dont support the uk enough, and the money gets sent abroad, so this product is a good one, to raise money and give to charity.

Click here to view the Team GB range.

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