Friday, 18 May 2012

Next - Made with Love Yellow Floral Across Body

 Just to say before You read, The Spell Checker Was Broken, when i wrote this!!! - I will come back at a later date to check the spellings, sorry in advance!

I was very lucky and had Next send me a beautiful Made with Love Yellow bag.

I was very happy to get this stunning bag from next, the image on their website, really does not show this bag to its full protential.

The bag is perfect for the summer and will look amazing with any outfit! It has a pretty frount pocket which has a heart as the clasp to close it, and has a added beach time theam with the rope tassles. The amazing design on this bag, is eye catching, fresh and summery.

The bag inside, continue's with the yellow, summery feel, and is very spacious , not only do u have the cute pocket on the outside, but you also have a zip pocket on the inside, and a phone holder and another pocket in the side of the bag!

Lots of space for this small styleish bag.

Bag costs - £25

Buy Here

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