Monday, 14 May 2012

Activia Pouring Yogurt

I got to try for FREE Activia Pouring Yogurt!

I work as a BzzAgent, so i get sent items to try out for FREE and some Money off coupons, I also earn Tesco ClubCard points for taking part.

Anyway, i was sent a Voucher to get my FREE full size cartoon of Activia Pouring Yogart, which comes in 3 flavours, Stawbery, Natrual and vinilla.

I headed to my Local shop, which happens to be Waitrose, i headed in store, armed with my coupon. I headed for the chilled department, and found the Activia Pouring Yogurt, it seemed to be selling well as there was only 2 Natrual flavous left. I picked one up and headed to the till. The checkout person, seemed confused that i had a FREE coupon, so i had to explain that i was a BzzAgent.

I got home and poped it in my fridge and totally forgot about it, untill i fancyed a treat a few days later, something sweet and tasty. I have always been a big fan of yogurt and cereal, so i headed for the fridge, took it out and shook it as directed, pulled back the tag, which sealed the inside. Once it was open i poured into a bowl, it was easy to pour, and looked just like milk but thicker. It smelt yummy. I added my cereal and got out a spoon, and got stuck in.

The Yogurt tasted just like normal yogurt, but it wasnt as sweet as i am used to, it was creammy and light.

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