Thursday, 26 April 2012

Iceland Gregg's Range!!

I went into Iceland, on my way home from my voluntary work, as i needed to get some food for Leo's and mine dinner, and i happened to stumble across this....

The NEW and Exclusive range of GREGG'S products...

The prices start at about 1.50 up. The is also allot more to the collection, but i didn't see the item i wanted.. I really really wanted the cheese and bacon wrap... however i picked these up...

I have never been a big fan off Gregg's due to there price, however the taste has always been good..

So these were first in my Basket.

I haven't tryed them all yet but as the Gregg's Sausage rolls normally sell really well i thought i would try these first.

Iceland Gregg's range £1.50

The packaging for the Gregg's products is pretty much the same, and looks clean and eye catching. I love the fact that this product has 4 in, which means if there is a family, then it is easy for them. Also if like me there is only 2 of you, it will do 2 meals.

Frozen Gregg's Sausage roll's

The sausage rolls themselves are a very good shape, and there isn't much packaging, which is why i feel the price is kept low. They were easy to get out, and look yummy even frozen!

Cooked Sausage roll

This is the Final finish, a lovely scrum my smelling sausage roll, the size hasn't got smaller, in fact puffed up alot. They take 20mins to cook in the oven.

Inside the sausage roll

The sausage roll is fantastic! I'm not a huge fan of sausage rolls, that are sold in supermarkets.. I have only liked bakery ones... So when i tasted these i feel in love, they taste just like the ones u buy over the counter in Gregg's. Only difference is you get 4 for £.150 instead of paying 80p or more for 1!

i really suggest you go out and buy the range!!

Let me know what you think of them!

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