Friday, 23 March 2012

Snupped -Custom Sleeve Design

I was recently lucky to be asked to view a "Snupped" product, so i jumped at the chance, having heard of the company before and seeing allot of hype around the company. I hadn't really knew much about the company other than they made high quality custom sleeve designs for laptops and Mobile's.

I headed over to the website to learn more about the company and look at the designs, i found that the designs are all different and you are able to use the fabrics to show your personality! All items are hand made and made to measure! 

I spoke to a spokes person who works for Snupped, who sent me this positive reply about the company :-

"We're a company that makes custom tailored gadget sleeves! We hand make all our sleeves, and each one is tailored to the device specified. 

The coolest part is that you get to design every aspect of your sleeve! Choose the type of sleeve, what design you like, match it with an interior, and you can even decide if you want handles or not! 

Our sleeves are lightweight, and comes with lots of different designs and personalities to match your look. We've been making our customers look good everyday since 2008, and we love doing this so much we aren't planning of stopping this anytime soon. :) "

Step 1 - Depending on the design your after you can choose your item to have a zipper sleeve to keep your laptop nice and secure, or a sock sleeve to just slip it into.
Step 2 - There is a selection of fabrics to choose from, and more being added all the time, so you browse threw the selection and choose which fabric you would like the outer case to be.

Step 3 - You then get to select the inner material and see what your product will look like once done.

Step 4 - Fill in the details, of your device, with model, make and size.

The procedure is simple, quick and easy. I was a little disappointed that there weren't more designs that you could choose from, or the fact that you couldn't add sequins or bows.

I just sat back and waited for my item to come threw the post, i was told to wait up to 8weeks, however i got my item within 2 weeks!! I am very impressed with my design, its not what i expected at all.

Final, Snupped Product!

My phone cover was beautifully made, and my phone fitted well, inside the product. The product its self is thick, which reassures me that my phone will be very safe. I also found this item protects my phone from water. I had a bottle of water in my back, which leaked in my bag! Thankfully it was protected by my Snupped sleeve!

Inside stitching, is neat and tidy.

Product Label on outer case, well stitched.

Overall, this product is fantastic, and would look amazing to accessorise your mobile and laptop and keep them all snug and safe!

Click here to check out SNUPPED!

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