Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Range, Glamour Bathroom Collection!

Fantastic bathroom collection from The Range.

I feel in love with these items, as i have just moved into my flat, and doing it up. I currently have shoes and perfume bottles as my shower hooks for my shower curtain, and will soon be painting the bathroom white. I didn't have anything to store my tooth brush's in (so were un-hygienic sitting on the side). Also i wanted something for my soap to go inside as the lid had broke off it, so needed a dispenser.

I headed in The Range in search of something. I always have difficulty finding things in the range as they set the shop out weirdly since my last visit, with home wears at the front of the shop, but some items still right at the back! I ended up having to ask someone to point me in the right direction, she said there were a few at the fount of the shop with the home wears but allot more towards the back.

I found it very annoying that i had to then walk to the back of the shop and ended up walking up and down the aisles looking for the bathroom stuff! I then finally on the end of a aisle found these little gems!

I picked up the Glamour Lotion Dispenser priced at £2.99, Glamour Toothbrush holder priced at £1.99 and The Glamour Light Pull priced at £2.49. So i was very happy to pay the glamour's fee of 7.47 for my bathroom collection!

If you get the chance i recommend checking out The range, either in store or on line. They really do sell some fantastic things.

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