Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Make up for ever glossy full extreme shine.

I went to imats last year in London and as those of you have gone before know there is a lot of special effects and make up stands so I went along to make up forever's stand as I had heard a lot about it, which was mainly all good. It was crowed and you could hardly get to the make up so I picked up A purple lipgoss called glossy full couleur extreme shine in no 5. I didn't bother testing it just thought I would pick it up as was looking for a dark colour.
It has stayed in my ever growing make up collection since and I thought it was about time I tested it out!
As I screwed the lid and squeezed a swatch onto my hand, how runny the lipgloss was and how UN Evan it came out unlike my other lipgloss this was like water. It also had a minty smell to it which I really do not like!

Thinking this might of gone of I got in contact with a make up artist friend of mine who assured me that the make up is normal.... This made me cringe. Everyone had been saying good things about this watery stinky lipgloss..... Urgh....
I can safely say this will never be used!

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