Thursday, 22 March 2012

Evans Coral Cardi and Butterfly Shirt

I havnt always been a big fan of Evans, because i have alway found it hard to find something i like in store, or anything that suits my very large figure. Although im told all the time, i dont look big in my images i currently wear a size 28 dress and depending where i get trousers i have to go as big as a 32!

Having always been big and into fashion, i used to try to find the latest thing in Evans stores but used to be left feeling disapointed and upset, because not only couldnt i find something that would look great but also had trouble with the fit.

I headed into my local Evans store with a £20 gift voucher i had recieved for christams, as i needed to get myself some leggins, so i went into the store with out high expertations, however there were so many beautiful things, and wasnt all old looking as it used to be.

Butterfly Sleeveless Shirt £23
My eye hovered over all the bightly coloured clothing and my eyes meet with a ivory butterfly printed sleeveless shirt. I have never been one to worry about my arms, and the design on the top was stunning and as the sun is starting to come out, i thought this would be perfect. It also had the added bonus of a v neck line, which i love as it shows i actully have some boobs insted of hide them away, also gives me a little more shape.


I carried on looking too see what other gems i could find and came across this stunning Coral Stitch Detail Cardigan which worked perfectly with the butterfly printed shirt, for anyone who dosnt like showing there arms, or just to wrap up warm when it gets a little chilly.

Coral Stitch Detail Cardi was £32 buy now for £20
Both items could be dressed up or down depending on the occassion, but i think its fantastic for relaxing on the beach or going out with your friends, even for a date!

I ended up spending £70 in evans.. which was a shock to me as i hadnt got on with evans before. So now im always going in to see what i can find!

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