Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Silhouette Slimming Lace Body

I was very happy when i got sent the silhouette slimming lace body, from simply be in raspberry.

The Material is very soft and i was worried at first the shaper wouldnt fit because of my size. I got the size 28/30. I pulled it out the packet and put it on. Found it was a bit of a squeeze, guess it needed a bit of shaping to get it on.

I found there was no support for my boobs and i didnt feel like it slimed me at all. I couldnt feel like it was pulling me in at all and it didnt seem to smooth out my tummy :(

Maybe this item will work for people not as large as me. I think the item and colour is good and the fabric is lovely but sorry silhouette this item isnt for me :(  click here to buy

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