Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Imperial leather sensuous silk

I am currently sitting in the bath, and thought to myself why not write a blog!
I have just moved home so currently without internet but with help from my trusted blackberry I am able to still blog!
I am currently sort of household goods and fancied a nice hot bubble bath to relax in but only had - inperial leather sensuous silk shower cream, so I decided to pour a small amount into the bath hoping it would make some luxurious bubbles! Thank god the aroma filled the room and the bubbles filled my bath.
Its hard to descibe the smell of of sensuous silk, this one is orchid and jasmine, it states on the bottle that its a limited edition [which is a shame]. It smells fresh and clean.
The main reason I picked this up was because-
1- its pink!
2- I picked it up for a bargain price [£1]
3- I was in a hurry to catch the bus and it caught my eye
4- because unlike other shower creams it didn't have a horrid smell, that I feel would rub of and stay on my skin! I'd much rather smell fresh and clean!
So... As I'm sitting in the bath I have also noticed some other good things about this shower gel!
1- it works well as bubble bath.
2- it makes my skin feel all smooth! Even with hairly legs! Lol
3- the bottle states its ph friendly
4- mild enough for all the family ( my son who's 6 and has a rare skin condition has also used this and unlike other brands has not had a reaction!!)
5- is 100% soap free (again fantastic for me and my son!)
Lastly its dermatologically tested!
So when ur out shoping then give this shower gel a try!

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