Thursday, 1 December 2011

Velvet Affair Frilly Briefs.

I ordered the paid of sexy and feminine Velvet Affair  briefs as i loved the ruffles and lace detailing on the underwear, when i received them, i wasn't disappointed everything i expected and more.
However my disappointment came when i went to wash these knickers, as sadly Simply Yours hadn't included a HAND WASH ONLY label, So silly me up them in the washing machine, and was very very upset having spend money on them and only wore them once for the lace detailing at the fount ripping. :(
I went on line to order some more to find they were sold out of my size, which tells me these are very very popular. So i recommend u clicking here and buy some while u can for a small price of £12.00. Remember to HANDWASH! :)

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