Thursday, 10 November 2011

Viva La Diva Sequin After Party Shoes

Simply Be have a fabulous range of shoes. I was stuck for shoes and wanted something comfy and affordable.
As those of you who follow my blog know,  i love pretty, sparkly, girly things. So coming across these Viva La Diva shoes was no different!!
The shoes themselves are fantastic and so comfy, i now own 2 pairs and i wear them daily... yes you read it right, i dont just slip them on after a night out on the town, i wear them on the school run, or the trip to the shop!
The shoes are also flexible, so if u needed u can take them off  and slip them into Your hand bag, or the fantastic matching bag that comes with them!
The sequins and the stitching on these shoes is really good and last a long time!!
I recommend every girl owns a pair, or two...
Click here to get yours for just £12


  1. Nice. These will come in handy. I need some. :)

  2. These After Flats shoes are amazing! love wearing heels without these flats my feet would hurt anything!


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