Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Simply Be, Liverpool One's Store Opening

I was super existed when i opened my email inbox to find, i had been invited to the Simply Be, Liverpool One's store opening on Thursday 22nd September!
I was a little unsure at first if i could of made it, as being a 6hr train ride, and family issues, being the only thing stopping me for attending, However things worked out fantastic and i was able to head off to Liverpool, and see the breath taking store.
I had never been to Liverpool before, and i new i had to stay over, as it was so far from sunny Poole, so i spent a few days looking online at the hotels, i stumbled across The Adelphi Hotel, which looked stunning in the photo's, I thought the price would be sky high, however i managed to book a room and breakfast for just £38.00 for 2 people! (reduced from £165) The hotel its self was amazing, and i wish my camera had enough memory to take lots of images to show you, the room its self was like a suite, u opened the hotel door, to find a hallway with 2 doors. There was a wardrobe to hang coats, i opened the door in front of me, to find the most amazing bathroom, with the biggest bath i had ever seen, and a shower! The next door i opened revealed a marvelous bedroom, with a massive bed, a beautiful dressing table, this room was full of mirrors, and cupboards.The bed was so comfy. There was allot of events that went on in the hotel so if you just need a place to stay while on holiday, i would recommend this hotel! click here to view

Simply be is a plus size fashion company which provides clothes for sizes 14-32, It also has shoes up to EEE fitting and bra's up to L.
When i finally found the store, i was amazed how amazing it is,The window caught your eye, there was many people walking past, having a nosey in the window, the window had a fresh clean, eye catching "wow whats that store" appeal. The store its self is on the Top floor of the shopping mall, near the escalators that head to the cinema and food level.

The Jeans were all shown and Labeled with there names, so you could easily find them
"All about the Lingerie" is a good name for the lingerie section because it is what makes a outfit look good
Seating area in the changing room

The Store, is allot bigger than a expected and allot more better layed out than i could of ever imagined, The store is set out in BRANDS, so if you have a favourite brand, you only have to walk to that area of the store to find something you would like.

The Magic Mirror!
Each area of the store is clearly labeled, the store, is a one stop shop for all your needs, which i love. I wish the store was closer to me, as i would be in there allot, and would of even applied for a job!  The changing rooms are probably my favourite part of the shop, as you head into the changing area your greated by this amazing display of lingerie, followed by a stunning area which is so spacious, filled with mirrors and beautiful red velvet chairs. Somewhere id be quit  happy to just go and hang out for the day. The biggest thing about the changing room is the MAGIC MIRROR, where once you have your new item you wish to buy, you step out into the changing room and your able to look into the mirror, which then turns into a camera, it will take 4 images of you, so u can do front,sides and back, to see how the outfit really looks on you, you then have the option to past it onto facebook, email it, or print it out!

selection of the pretty bags

everyday bags and hats

a few of the shoes


Frock and Frill items

I was also pleased to find that Simply Be had hired, curvy plus size shop assistants, who where friendly and willing to help. Thew out the night, they were always on hand. The store, offers shoppers to have a Stylist, Bra Fitter and foot measuring to make sure you get the best style, shape and fit to suit your needs.

I was lucky enough to talk to the stunning Genkia, who works in the Liverpool one store. Genkia is wearing a stunning Frock and Frill dress, i have had my eye of a while, with black tights and black heals. Costs £69 click here to buy. Genkia is a size 16-18, she told me how the sales assistants has spent all week getting to know the ranges, trying things on, checking all the shoes out, making sure they new all there products so they could recommend the products they had actually tested. Genkia says "The shop is Fun, Vibrant and for everyone. You wont be ashamed to step inside the store, you will get a fun shopping experience".

The Night was hosted by Radio City 96.7's Claire Morrow, who gave out prizes to lucky winners, who won things like shoes, bags and items from the zandra rhodes collection.There was Champagne and canap├ęs.

Lisa Riley and Katy Cavanagh joined us for the store opening and even spoke to some of us, i was very lucky a managed to nab some free time to talk to them, they were both lovely ladies and are very beautiful, i was very nervous to talk to them, as i haven't interviewed anyone before.

What do you think of the Simply Be store?

Lisa Riley - "Very colourful, well spaced out and love the changing room, especially the Magic Mirror!"

Katy Cavanagh - " Love how trendy all the clothes are, i prefer to come into the store and see everything, as saves the hassle of sending it all back"

What type of clothes do you normally wear?-

Lisa Riley -  " I am a girly girl and love dress's, i love to enhance my boobs, if you've got it flaunt it"

Katy Canvanagh - "I'm a vintage girl, like the character i play in corrie, i love something that's quirky and well cut"

What type of underwear do you like to wear? - 

Lisa Riley - "I love to wear a matching set, i like to think its my own little secret"

Katy Canvanagh- " I like to wear something to enhance my figure"

Sadly i wasn't able to get a image or talk to them longer as they had to be whisked away for other interviews, far more important than mine. I was able to grab a image later on in the night though with Lisa Riley!

Lisa Riley Wears - Grazia Faux Fur £90 click here


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