Friday, 16 September 2011

Septembers Glossy Box 2011

I was really existed about my first ever Glossy Box turning up, I joined up just after the price went up to 12.95, but i thought i would go ahead and get it anyway.
I had read up on glossy box and seen good and bad things about them, especially when they added dry shampoo in the box. However i still went ahead and got the box.

As soon as i saw my box sitting waiting for me in the porch i was super existed, ripped the pretty packaging to get into the glossy box. The box its self is a beautiful, shiny, silky baby pink. The box its self is really well presented which makes u think the items are going to be amazing and high quality products, i love the black tissue paper with the glossy box card which tells u which products are included in your box and more about them.

So i open my box, and i must say i was a little disappointed, Id never head of any of the Products or makers. Which i guess is ok as the whole idea is to try out new products and makes that you wouldn't normally try.

Well... I wouldn't normally try any of these products because they simply are not me. The dead sea salt brushing is apparently the best exfoliator voted by You Magazine,However i hardly ever exfoliate, i see people who do that, as people who wear allot of fake tan, something which i have never done. I tested it out, and it dose leave u feeling refreshed and a bit smoother.

Green People Fruitful nights, Is a magic Night Cream...A what.....Yes you read it right a Younger Skin product!! I'm 24!!! I don't need that!!! Also on the back it says not for very sensitive skin, which mine can sometimes be. i tested it out on my hand the cream its self feels light, its not to thick or too runny, feels soft to rub in and not sticky. It smells like tea. Not something i would want to use on my face.

Hd Brows palette is the only thing in the box which i probably think is ok, although its still not a amazing product for me, the colours are pretty dark, ok i know its for eyebrows but i don't need to enhance mine. Also states they last 24hrs this is not true, i used as eyeshadow and it rubbed off easily, wasn't long lasting. On a good note the colours themselves are similar as shown in the pallet and soft to use, they also don't leave allot of fall out when applied. The brush in the pallet is also made from good quality is soft and easy to use.

Neal and Wolf glow shine, As it says is a shine spray that's meant to tame hair and add some shine, i guess that is a good idea, as most girls use some form of spray weather be heat protect spray or hair control, so its a useful product to have.

Mary Greenwell Plum Perfume, is not suited for someone my age, it smells more like something my nan would wear,it actually reminds me of a perfume, i think its RED DOOR, the perfume is not something i would wear the sent is old musky and heavy.

Overall this box really wasn't something to get existed about, and I'm disappointed with the products, and spending nearly £13 on a box of unwanted items seems stupid when i can go to mac and buy a lipstick...

I'm unsure weather to continue with my subscription , i may get next months box and if disappointed save the money.

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  1. I liked mybox, but I received different item. Sorry you didn't like your. :(


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