Thursday, 18 August 2011

Joe Browns - Simply Be

One of my Favourite Brands Simply Be sell's is Joe Browns. Which I'm sure over the coming weeks, months and years you will see my wardrobe full of Joe Browns.
So who is Joe Brown? The company started in 1988 and wanted to offer more existing and individual looks, they say "the clothing is for those who want to live a bit and want something different".
Just look at these clothes, I couldn't get enough of them, the colours, fit and style of the clothes, was me all over. I love how feminine and versatile the items are. You can easily mix them up to make a different look to match your style. Dressing up or down.

This is one of my Favourite dress's because i love the Pink and the butterflies. I never used to wear such bight colours,its so feminine and sexy. A year ago you normally wouldn't see me in anything other than black, other than if i was modelling. That was before i found Joe Browns. This top is so feminine and a really nice and light. Great for the summer. You can dress it up or down, or like me wear it with leggings.
Its Cotton and costs 48.00, however its in the SALE so if you would like to add this to your wardrobe click here.

I bought this dress last year, because i was going with a friend for a lakeside picnic. It was a really hot day, and i wanted to wear something different that i wouldn't normally wear. I'm not a huge fan on dress's and again i hadn't worn anything other than black as at that time, i wasn't that confident with the way i looked in it. Anyway i went ahead and bought it i love the way its pretty, has layers and lots of details. I also love how you can remove the straps of the dress so it can be strapless.
Its Made from Cotton and has a cotton Lining. I think i paid about 50.00 for it, check out Joe browns dress's by clicking here.I totally love this top, Normally i wouldn't wear it as it has red in it, and my nails are always pink! However this top also has pink undertones in it, which means it dosnt look bad with bright pink nails! This top is so light, has a lining and is great from those hot summer days. I always team mine with leggings.
Too get this seasons top at 38.00 click hereWhen i got this top, i was sooo existed because its pink, lovely pattens, however i was disappointed that its a halterneck and that it makes me look frumpy :(, I wore this to a Hawaiian party, i was stuck for ideas and all ready had this in my wardrobe, but i regret wearing it, and i haven't worn it since. My boobs are a 40H, but this top hides them and dose not give me any shape. I love love the colours and how well they work together, but would of liked to have more shape.
This Top is also made from cotton and has a cotton lining it cost me about 48.00. Check out Joe Browns tops here.

I will be adding a new Joe Browns update with in the next few days, with some New Items i have Recently purchased.

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