Monday, 27 June 2011

Plus Size Fashion

Being plus size, really doesn't mean your not into fashion and you don't check out magazines. Which i think allot of people forget! So thank god there are people out there who really want us to look our best and not a total fashion disaster!

I here it all the time, oh wow that looks good, where did you get that. I admit, i do sometimes get it wrong, and wear what i think looks good, but then look back at pics and think what were you thinking.. I might sound vain, but now i try to take a image before i leave the house. All though have been a few times, when i haven't had the time... I have later realised its a big don't.

This might be because I'm not wearing the item correctly, with the right clothes to enhance it! It could simply be the fact it doesn't suit my body.

where i do shop?
Well i have spent allot with the store Simply Be i love there designers like Joe Browns and Frock to Frill, I think this is because I'm so girly and i love pinks, flowers, bows and all things bright.
I used to hide myself away behind black, until i found love for myself and started shopping with simply be.
I find that the prices are OK, there not cheap but there not sky high. You can find some great items and deals if your lucky which is always a bonus!

I love this dress its from the Joe browns range. Its a big big around my bust and sometimes i have to wear it with a white Cami underneath. If you find it too short. Team it with Black leggings.

Another place i sometimes shop in is Evans. I'm not a huge fan of Evans, maybe because i feel annoyed with there sizing as allot of the items come up small. Also in the Evans near me, i can never find anything i like. I search for hours and cant find it, go online and its pretty much sold out :@(
I also have problems with Bra in Evans as i can never find one to fit me. I normally wear a size 40h however in Evans its way to small, i cant even do it up! I have tryed other sizes in store, even gone up to 48 back and still didn't fit!
However bad points aside, they do some fantastic wide foot flipfloops which i own a few pairs off.

Littlewoods i have shopped in littlewoods a few times, its not my favourite shop, but they sometimes have some amazing things. I ordered a dress a few weeks ago, at the time it was too big so i sent it back, thinking ill get the smaller size. However i checked after littlewoods had picked it up and i was totally gutted that they had sold out! I have my eyes on a few things atm, i love some of there shoes, I sometimes find tho that there shoes come up big, i normally wear a 7 but i have got a size 5 in there shoes and they have fitted perfectly.

Shoes - I love all types of shoes, i love heals which are totally out there.. Something people will look at and go omg wow!!! I normally try to dress the outfit to the shoe!

As long as you feel sexy you are!!!

Here is a list of Store's that sell Plus size Clothing! -

Ann Harvey
Marks and spencer
La Redoute
So Sienna
Anna Scholz

Plus Size Wedding

Cute and Curvy

Plus Size Men

High and Mighty

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  1. Love that dress ,Emma.It looks good on you.Nice flowery shoes,too :-) x


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