Sunday, 11 February 2018

Prestige flowers

Prestige flowers sends flowers in the UK and international. They offer a range off flowers, gifts and hampers for all occasions.
I was offered a chance to work with prestige and was sent a beautiful bunch off flowers, along with a box off chocolates and a cute teddy bear. It was really lovely as I had been having a few bad days and they really cheered me up.

The flowers came via the post well packed in a fantastic box, and also came with the vase to put the flowers in, which is fantastic because the worse thing is having amazing flowers and not having a vase big enough.
The teddy is soft and good quality, the box off chocolates looked luxurious and had unique flavours inside which tasted amazing.

If you haven't got any flowers and gifts for your mother this mother's Day then I would recommend that you look at prestige and order with them as the flowers smelt amazing, looked amazing and have lasted over a week.

Friday, 9 February 2018

The Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge

This post is an entry for BritMums Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge, sponsored by

Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge is the opportunity to get the kids involved around the table and make sure plates are empty and tummies are full before you get back to your busy weekend. I was asked to take part and leo and I couldn't enjoy it more if we wanted too. 

Rustlers Southern Fried Chicken Burger twin packs
 are a perfect quick fix when time just isn’t on your side. Smaller than the average burger (at just 140g each) and in convenient packs of two, they are ideal for little hands and mouths. Just 90 seconds in the microwave and then ready to add your favourite toppings -- add what you like to your Rustlers to make it your own as part of a balanced meal.

We used our southern fried burger and made a nice juicy , baccon, cheese, Philadelphia and cucumber burger. It was simple and easy to make and tasted amazing. 

Rustlers brings families the ultimate tasty and quick burgers. Rustlers Southern Fried Chicken Burgers Twin Pack contain marinated chicken with a southern fried breadcrumb bringing out an authentic taste but your family can create unique, tasty burgers dressed up with all sorts of ingredients you choose!

Rustlers fits in with families busy weekend schedules, while still creating meals that are fun occasions

·  Rustlers provides a quick, convenient and affordable meal when mums need it most

·  Rustlers provides an opportunity to get creative by adding toppings and sides to create a balanced meal

·  The burgers feature quality chicken marinated with a southern fried breadcrumb

·  Kids and parents can dress up their Rustlers burgers according to their tastes, to create a personalised burger meal

·  Tell me how you dress up your burger, what you serve it with and how your family enjoyed it

Why not show me what you add too your Rustlers by using the hashtag #RustlersHack and sending me a tweet or Instagram!

Twitter- missemmadunn

Instagram- justemma1987

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Love honey body stocking

Lovehoney offer a range off sexy lingire and have there own size 18+ range at affordable prices. Which is great as ladies with fuller figures are able too look sexy and feel confident too.
As a plus size lady I always struggled finding anything to wear and luckily the items available at lovehoney are affordable and go up to large sizes.
My ex bought me this lovely body stocking which is available in both colours and he actually bought me both, however so far I have only managed to wear the one.
I would definitely recommend for a valentine's Day gift to spice up things or just to make yourself feel special.

click here to buy

Monday, 29 January 2018

The selfie bag

The selfie bag is the easy way to get good photos using the fold out reflector sheet. Your able to store your selfie stick along with phone and have enough room to carry your essentials for me this would be a must have to take too the beach. 

The Cotton Bag Co have made two stylish bags to choose from and each comes with the "ultimate guide on how to bag yourself the perfect smile" which has the selfie tips from two bloggers. It's tells you the do's and don'ts on creating your selfies.

Friday, 19 January 2018

New year new start

Hello everyone 
Welcome back to my blog,
It's been a while since I posted last and that's because I really didn't feel up too it or like I had the time, I was under lots off stress and putting alot off stress on myself.
However I'm back and 10stone lighter and yes there is a fair way to go with a few more stones to lose but I'm looking forward too it.

This year has lots in store and I am looking forward to getting back into blogging. 

I hope your join me 🤞

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

My next knitwear must have's

The weather this past week, seems to be getting colder and colder and and finding the need to pull out warm clothing and having a hot chocolate just to warm me up.
Next has always been a favourite brand off mine due to the quality off the clothing you seem to get and the great styles they offer.
Here is my current top knitwear items next currently offer-

Sequin star jumper size 6-22 £34 - click here to buy

Faux fur cardi sizes 6-22 £34 -click here to buy
Oatmeal embroidered jumper sizes 6-22 £34 -  click here to buy
Crew neck jumper, other colours available size's 6-22 £16 - click here to buy

Tuesday, 10 October 2017


So yet again it's spider month, and I hate it there so many creeping about my home , that I have too keep checking to see there isn't any lurking in my bed! 

However I find these little monsters amazing, I love how they all have amazing designs and make beautiful designs with there webs. 
I managed to save some from my washing g line by placing them in another spiders web, wasn't sure if the other spider was happy but at least I saved it.
What is it about these little creates that scare me and other people so much?